Delos is a tiny, historic Greek island that is the mythical birthplace of Apollo, the god of light and truth


Because Delos Communications is built upon shining the best light on a situation using truthful information, the name fits perfectly. If you are interested in finding it on a map, see below.




Dan Curry and John Pearman, principals at Delos Communications, are two of the most experienced and successful political strategists, spokesmen, researchers and public affairs experts in the Midwest.

Curry, a former top investigative reporter, has provided crisis management and chief spokesman duties to dozens of top politicians, including former U.S. Senator Peter Fitzgerald, and has provided strategic communication advice to corporations, law enforcement officials and high-profile private citizens.

Pearman is a seasoned attorney, skilled researcher and strategist. He was formerly policy chief for a top state office holder and has managed several successful statewide political campaigns. John also served as Chief of Staff at the University of Chicago Medical Center. He has more than 20 years’ experience providing legal and reputation management advice to leading companies, individuals and political officials.