Not your typical PR/public affairs operation


When you or your company, campaign or other organization faces the onslaught of relentless media scrutiny — fair or unfair — it’s essential you make the right moves. Quickly.


In a sea of untrustworthy information, solid facts can mean the difference between prospering and sinking. Finding those facts quickly and distributing them effectively is absolutely essential.


The best facts and best communicators are not enough. They must be deployed in the right order and at the right time. We all know that history is won by those who outflank their opponents.

With your company on the ropes, it’s no time for amateurs


When your organization is under siege publicly, it is time to call in expert, experienced hands to weather the storm. At Delos Communications, you get two of the top crisis managers in the Midwest, who have faced the fire of hostile media in government and corporate settings. No junior account managers, only the pros you need.



Unlocking a PR stalemate with new, relevant facts


Buried in the river of irrelevant material that makes up much of the internet are some facts that can dramatically change the dynamic of your PR dilemma. At Delos Communications, a former investigative reporter and top political researcher combine to find the hidden material and package it in a way that wins your PR battle.



Having winning facts, reputation not always enough


Solving your PR problem takes more than great facts and a winning reputation. You need to take actions at the right time and in the right sequence. A mistake here and the plan can fall apart. You need pros to provide the strategic advice you need.



Providing the bandwidth necessary to solve your problem


We work with top-notch partners throughout the country who are proven experts in a particular niche. This gives Delos Communications the ability to expand its firepower to solve your problem. If you don’t need it for your problem, why pay the overhead?